May 17, 2016


Lettuce Trial under LUMO versus Clear glass YouTube play

Soliculture has carried out extensive crop trials in commercial greenhouses over 7 years -- longer than any other light tuning technology. Our trials have been completed with third party researchers or are still ongoing at commercial greenhouses. Trial locations range from California, Alberta (Canada), Ontario (Canada), Colorado, New York and Massachusetts. Third party white papers for a variety of crops are available upon request. Of course, specific results depend on the crop and the climate. Highlights of the extensive research are: (1) Herbs: up to 50% higher yields. (2) Cannabis: More compact buds, higher THC and CBD. (3) Lettuce: One week faster time to harvest. (5) Chives: 20% higher yields. (4) Cucumbers: longer harvest times, greater disease resistance. (5) Tomatoes: equivalent yields.

Please contact for specific crop trial results for your crop.